Small Blessings... Like tiny gardens

It's time to dig out the recipes for vegetables as we 'dig' out the harvest from this years garden!

From just 4 short little 8 foot rows of green beans we've harvested about 3 gallons of beans in just 1 1/2 weeks. The carrots are just now ready and the jalapeno's, green and red peppers along with the tomatoes are coming in wonderfully. The onions are on their way and the garlic will be ready to pick once the leaves are 50% brown, but with the scapes trimmed they are now just growing in size. My cucumbers are just getting started; a bit slow this year and last. I'm not quite sure why but I saw a tiny 3 inch long cucumber on the vine this morning so I know it won't be long!

Did you listen to my advice this past Spring? Did you put in your garden? Even just a tiny one? My garden is quite small and manageable but it's still enough to supplement our grocery budget and allow some 'me' time alone in the garden in the evenings to weed of course, but also to spend time with my own thoughts, prayers and some times even a song or two. Such a blessing gardens are.Print Friendly and PDF
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