How Clean is Organic?

I use the internet every single day. I imagine most of my visitors do as well! It's amazing what you can find on the internet with just a couple clicks of keys and the 'enter' button. Whether it's testosterone booster reviews, recipes, the news, medical information or looking up lost loves... it's all there just waiting to be found.

How about this little bit of information I found a few weeks ago regarding 'organic' foods and how they actually may not be as clean as we thought.

Organic fruits and vegetables may still be grown with pesticides. They’re just not synthetic chemicals. Biological pesticides are allowed in the treatment of organic produce including pyrethrum, a potentially cancer-causing substance that happens to be organic. Plus, if an organic farm is located near a non-organic farm, there’s always a chance that pesticides from the synthetic chemically treated land can be carried by the wind to the organic farm. Plus, organic produce can still harbor bacteria including E. coli, notes Marie Claire magazine.
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