Excitement over Vanilla!

I'm so excited! Last year some of my readers may remember when I was contacted by Singing Dog Vanilla's people to do a product review of their vanilla and Red Ape Cinnamon - only to receive a package of Vanilla flavored coffee in its place. Unfortunately we have a Keurig coffee brewer and don't usually use regular coffee but I do have a "My K-cup" for ground coffee so I was able to taste and review it.

I was surprised last week to get a follow up by someone else in their company asking me about my use of their products. When he heard I never did receive the vanilla paste I was so excited to try, he made sure I would be sent a package ASAP. And? I did!

Kudos to "Jason" for getting the product to me and I cannot wait to use it in my cooking. I opened it to smell and taste it and I'm 100% impressed with the flavor and smell; nothing chemical. Just pure 'real' vanilla scent and flavor.

Singing Dog Vanilla: Use our vanilla bean paste for the authentic flavor of real vanilla beans in a convenient paste form. Just one tablespoon is the equivalent flavor of one whole vanilla bean. Our paste is gluten free, and made with all natural pure-cane sugar. Our vanilla paste can be found in the top kitchens in the country such as Bouchon Bakery, The Ritz Carlton, and The Little Nell.

Ingredients: Sugar, Pure Vanilla Extract, Vanilla Bean Powder, Gum Tragacanth

And I want to give a thumbs up to their packaging. I was not happy to see the package full of little 'styrofoam' pellets when I opened it. I know they end up in landfills and I am always disheartened with companies that use them. As the empty box sat on my counter top I happened to glance over and read the sticker on the side of the box; THE PACKING MATERIAL INSIDE THIS BOX IS MADE FROM CORNSTARCH. IT WILL DISSOLVE IN WATER.

Of course I had to put it to the test. IT DISSOLVED IN WATER! GENIUS! Kudos and Thumbs Up to Kestrel Growth Brands for using biodegradable packing materials!!!!!Print Friendly and PDF
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