Rambling of a Housewife; Teenagers and Pure Fruit Smoothies

My 18 year old son can't seem to get enough of smoothies lately.  

Over the past year this child of mine has been the 'ice cream shake' kid. Not just a simple ice cream shake, but he is a man of habit.  It had to be ice cream, Oreo's, chocolate and peanut butter.  Blessed with an incredible metabolism, he would have his 'shake' almost every other night and still has the same 26" waist he had when he was about 4 years old.  

About two months ago he switched it up.  Grabbing a bag of frozen fruit from the deep freeze, he asked me if this is what his sisters and I used for fruit smoothies?  He proceeded to make a fruit smoothie using... fruit.  And just enough water to make it liquid.  He was hooked.  From then on the ice cream took a back seat and fruit was the new 'in' thing.  Our freezer is always stocked with a variety of frozen fruits such as mango's, mixed berries, strawberries; although now that he is on board the 'fruit' train, we seem to go through them at a record pace!

I've always loved pureed fruit but I have never embraced the fruit smoothies made with dairy.  Whether you use milk, yogurt or anything else in the smoothie, I'm sure you love it, but I gag.  Not a fan of milk, ice cream or yogurt in general, I don't like it in my fruit smoothies either.  Pure fruit please.  And only fruit!  It seems my son has taken after me (although my oldest daughter makes her smoothies with yogurt and likes them just fine and my younger daughter loves Orange Julius which is made with milk).

As I laid in bed reading last night before falling asleep,  I heard him exit his bedroom and walk down the stairs to the kitchen for a late night snack.  Within a minute or two I heard the blender whirling.  

I smiled.

Edited to Add a response to the comments:  

Kimmie!  YES!  Omgosh.  It's a family joke around here that after eating a fairly good sized dinner he will stand up and suck his stomach in... and it is no where to be seen!  His stomach sucks into being about 3 inches wide.  WHERE does this food go!?  His sisters and I eat a grape and we have a bulge.  LOL.

In November my son had our huge Thanksgiving meal and the next day we went to Grandma's house and had another big Thanksgiving meal.  That evening he stepped on the scale and smugly showed his sisters;  he LOST three pounds.  They hate him.  LOL.

Edited to add response II:  Yes Cowboy Joe - I think the Nutella is a close comparison.  If you can imagine drinking Nutella Tea.  LOL.

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