*Although I quit 'outside' publishing or guest posting for others by 2014, you can find me published at:

Creamy Shrimp and Herb Soup
Salmon Loaf
Mexican Lasagna
Vegetable Squares
Low Carb Sugar Free Chocolate Cupcakes

Philadelphia Cream Cheese - Real Women of Philadelphia
Cheesecake Bites

YahooVoices -
Golden Flaxseed Sugar Free Pumpkin Bread
Saving Money at the Grocery Store
Red Velvet Cake Balls
Homemade Hot Flax Cereal
Sugar Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

*Update - 2015
I've noticed that a few of the websites have been revamped, updated at some point between 2006-2015,  or are no longer active (like  and some of the recipes are no longer available on the above sites.  You can still find the recipes on my American Housewife page though by doing a search in the right hand sidebar.

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