A ReCap of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving 2007 has come... and gone. I made the gravy and the stuffing from here on my blog but this year I shared my gravy recipe with a friend who has never made gravy before. I'm waiting to hear how it went, but with a gravy you can make ahead of time like that, how can you miss!?

This year I made a list of all the foods and stuck it up on the cupboard. Why? Because in the past I've been know to forget something. Oh, not forget to make it, just forget to put it on the table. I'm thinking back over the years, especially when the three children were younger and I remember two separate instances where the cheesy corn was forgotten in the oven or the microwave. One year I forgot to bake the rolls and they sat waiting in the refrigerator. One year our Double Layer Pumpkin Pie was in the refrigerator while his buddies were being served for dessert.

This year?

Ah, you knew there had to be something forgotten this year in order to bring this topic up, right? Riiight. Well, this year I didn't think I forgot anything. I had wrote a list of the foods, right down to the sparkling grape juice for the kids and I posted the list on the cupboard where I checked it just before sitting down.

Mashed Potatoes
Green Bean Casserole
Cheesy Corn

... the list went on to include all drinks and desserts as well. Yep. Everything. Check.

We ate.
We cleaned up.
We were putting extra food away.

We found the Cranberries.

Gah! Forgot the cranberries!

But there is a reason. For this year I wasn't going to make them. My husband and myself are the only ones that like them and only in small amounts. But just before I was ready to start making our meal a friend gave me his recipe (online) to try which included white Zinfindel wine and brown sugar and cinnamon... I had a package of cranberries in the freezer so I tried the recipe and then promptly forgot it in the refrigerator.

But... I believe there is a reason for everything. Even forgotten cranberries. I now plan to implement them in some sort of Cranberry Spice Cake or a Cranberry bar. So in the end it works out for both of us. A new recipe will be born!Print Friendly and PDF