Product Review - John Soules Foods Angus Beef Fajitas

As I mentioned in a post previously, we returned from vacation and on Monday I needed to do some major shopping to fill our empty larders. While at Costco I spied a new product on the end cap in the meat and cheese aisle. John Soules Foods, Angus Beef Fajita meat.

Normally not a purchaser of 'prepared' foods I passed by with barely a glance, but I caught a whiff of the fajita aroma and it stopped me in my tracks. That smelled really, really good. I glanced at the price; $9.99 for 24 oz. or 1.5 lbs. Already cooked and seasoned, it just needed to be warmed up either by skillet, oven or microwave.

I put it back and started to walk away muttering what I always say to myself; "I can make that at home...." when I began to do the math in my head. With the price of beef being what it is where I live, I couldn't buy 1.5 lb. of angus beef for $10 to make it myself for less. Our grocery store charges $8.99 for an 8 oz. strip.

The information on the backside told me the package would serve approximately 8. Eight servings for $9.99 isn't too bad when I only have to add flour tortillas, (very affordable) an onion and a couple peppers to make it a meal with a little cheddar and sour cream on the side. So, I bought a package.

I chose to use a red, yellow and green pepper
as well as one onion - you decide what you want to use

I placed the frozen meat in a casserole dish and microwaved it for a few minutes while I prepared the onions and peppers. When I stopped to break apart the meat and stir it I snitched a piece.

Yum! Wow, that was really good. Not too spicy, but not at all bland, it had great flavor.

I finished cooking the vegetables in a little olive oil in a skillet and then added the meat.

before I added the meat - I think I only had about 6 strips in at this point

I didn't get a picture of the finished fajita because I was too busy eating it to remember to take a picture! But yes, it was good. Another good point is that I agree with the serving size on the package. This does indeed feed at least 8. And if you have a couple of side dishes (Spanish rice and beans, some tortilla chips and salsa) this package could actually feed 10.

This is a great meal not only for the affordability factor, but you can have a delicious and healthy meal on the table in less than 10 minutes. Great for busy Moms and Dads!

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