Product Review - Seattle's Best Coffee - Henry Blend

A month or so back I saw an online ad for a free sample of Seattle's Best Coffee. I chose the sample "Henry's Blend" because it sounded like a delicious description and my Grandfathers name happens to be Henry so there was a bit of nostalgia there too.

On Saturday my sample was delivered. This morning, (Monday) I was preparing to grind the beans to make my morning brew when I decided to use the sample instead. I'm sipping it now and here is what is going through my head; The aroma is of course no where near the tantalizing aroma you get with fresh ground beans. So I have to get past that because of course, this is pre-ground coffee and once you've started grinding your own it's hard to go back.

When I breathe deep I can almost smell a hint of 'burnt' bean but I have a very, very sensitive nose (it's genetic) and most people won't be able to pick up on that... including my husband.

The flavor is smooth. Not acidic. It's a mild cup of coffee with just enough hint of strong to make someone like my mother think it's 'strong' while anyone who regularly purchases their coffee from a coffee house will find it to be a very mild blend. The flavor doesn't have any one word that stands out. It's simply a very pleasant, mild cup of coffee that if pressed, I would say almost has a 'sweet' after taste to it. As if a light dusting of sugar drifted through the air and landed in it. Not enough to be so overt that you can 'taste' it but the aftertaste is definitely a sweet one.

Overall it's not a bad cup. I like bold coffee's in the morning so I would say this one would be good after dinner with dessert or relaxing with friends. When a light, mild coffee is called for.Print Friendly and PDF