Getting Started on Those Gingerbread Houses... already!?

It may be July but there are a lot of people already gearing up for their part in the National Gingerbread House Competition. While surfing for ideas this week I stumbled upon an image of a gingerbread house from the 2006 gingerbread competition and before I knew it I was hooked for an hour looking up images, photos, recipes and information. I sat here in awe of the work that went into these beautiful creations!

One of the winners said that she worked on her house for 6 months... SIX MONTHS! Now that is a love of the the craft.

Take a look at the detail in this one.... I love the balcony fencing. Amazing.

And this one... the artist (because that is truly what they are at this level!) made each of these little blocks individually and then mortared them together with icing.

I swear the roof of this one looks like it just snowed real snow!

If you just look at the house and not the little figures... I swear it looks real.

The columns on the house on the right... so realistic.

It's a fairy tale wonderland of candy!

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