Check Your Cupboard for Peanut Butter Crackers! RECALL NOTICE

Heads up readers!~

Peanut butter and cheese and crackers are HUGE in our home. We love them for snacking and even to grab for a quick breakfast sometimes as we run out the door. I always have them on hand and just this past week picked up two packages at the store. That is why, when I saw this recall notice in the news it grabbed my attention and I immediately went to our cupboard to check if I had the brands/styles included in the recall. Thankfully I don't! I bought Ritz brand this time and I'm extremely thankful.

Just incase you hadn't heard or read the news here is the notice put out by Kellogs. You'll want to look for their brand as well as the Austin brand crackers and sandwich cookies.

The Kellogg Co. announced Wednesday it is recommending that consumers not eat its peanut butter crackers because they may be tainted with salmonella. Salmonella bacteria are transmitted to humans by eating contaminated foods.

The products affected are Austin- and Keebler-branded:

-- Toasted peanut butter sandwich crackers.
-- Peanut butter and jelly sandwich crackers.
-- Cheese and peanut butter sandwich crackers.
-- Peanut butter-chocolate sandwich crackers.

The Michigan-based maker of cereals and snacks posted the recommendation in a statement on its Web site.

Peanut butter produced by Peanut Corporation of America, one of several peanut butter suppliers to the company, has been linked to an outbreak of salmonella poisoning that has affected at least 434 people in 43 states, federal health officials said Wednesday.

"Kellogg Company's investigation has not indicated any concerns, nor has the company received any consumer illness complaints about these products," the Kellogg statement said.

"Nonetheless, Kellogg Company is taking precautionary measures including putting a hold on any inventory in its control, removing product from retail store shelves, and encouraging customers and consumers to hold and not eat these products until regulatory officials complete their investigation of PCA and Kellogg provides further information as to the resolution of this issue."

All of the company's peanut-butter crackers are made at its bakery in Cary, North Carolina, said spokeswoman Kris Charles.

Though consumers are urged "to hold the product until we have more information," Charles recommended anyone seeking a refund call 888.314.2060 for details about how to get one. Print Friendly and PDF