January 29, 2009

Product Review: Arnold Bakery Light Breads

January. A month for making resolutions. I would make a guesstimate to say that most of the resolutions made have to do with weight loss. How that weight is lost is done is going to be vastly different, but everyone seems to want to lose weight.

Me? Oh I'd love to lose 10 pounds, but I have zero will power and abhor exercise. As for the whole 'New Years' thing - I don't make resolutions. So, now you know; I didn't resolve to lose weight. I didn't resolve to do anything. LOL. But I do have a product review for those of you that did!

Bread. Most of us love it in one form or another but many people making those New Year's resolutions are doing so by cutting breads out of their diets completely. Arnold Bakery is hoping you'll put it back in.

To woo you back to bread they've come up with a Whole Wheat 'Diet' bread that;

* Has just 40 calories per slice
* 16 grams of whole grains per serving
* 5 grams of fiber and made with
* No high fructose corn syrup

The thing is... it tastes good!

The true test of course is; 'will my family eat it'. And as you can tell from the half eaten loaf above, they do. It's soft yet easily accepts everything from peanut butter to deli meats. It holds together, isn't too thin, thick or too soft. Yet it's not at all dry or crumbly. It seems to be a perfect blend of ingredients.

One of the reasons it's so low calorie is the size. It's not a 'big' bread. Two slices with a filling inside isn't going to fill up a 180 pound guy for lunch, but it's the perfect size for a 'light' lunch for an average guy, coupled with one or two sides (soup, fruit, salad) and for the ladies? Perfect size sandwich for a lunch when you add in that little side salad or a cup of soup.

Overall: Thumbs up. High up.

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