August 21, 2009

Incredibly Easy Mango Smoothie

Maybe it's just me, or maybe others feel like I do, but I hate any smoothie that includes dairy products.

The second you add yogurt, milk or any other 'cream' to my smoothie, I would have a hard time drinking it. I like my smoothies to be fruit and well... fruit.

Through trial and error I discovered that my all time favorite smoothie 'recipes' are really a lot of fruit and little else besides water or once in a while, a fruit juice. The trick? Frozen!

For the easiest ever Mango smoothie (something I crave and can drink 3 in one sitting!) is either use fresh mangoes you have peeled and diced and frozen or purchase a bag of frozen mango in your frozen foods section of the grocery store.

Place in a blender and add enough water or fruit juice to help the blending process. Add more liquid if it gets too thick. Blend until smooth and serve in a tall glass with both a spoon and straw. Some people like to top it with whipped cream (my Mom likes this on her peach smoothies) but me? Keep all dairy products away and give me the fruit!


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