Cuts of Beef - A Helpful Chart

About 4-6 weeks ago I was looking for a good chart to show the cuts of beef.

One of my brothers had raised cattle this year and was offering to let us buy half a cow but we had to contact the butcher to tell them how we would like it to be processed. Having never bought 'half a cow' before I had no idea how much meat that involved, what cuts to expect and how many of each. I mean, if I had my way I'd just have ordered it made into 80 rib-eye steaks and called it good.

Sitting at my kitchen counter one morning and searching for simple information, I couldn't find out exactly how much meat to expect from a 1000 pound cow and what cuts to order.

Finally, with the help of a friend whose brother-in-law raises cattle, I was directed to this chart at the Iowa State University website. For those of you also looking for a chart of the cuts of beef, I found this to be simple to understand and quite helpful!

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