September 15, 2009

My latest review of the Keurig Coffee Maker... I LOVE it

Looking at some of the keywords searched to new readers to my site, I realize there have been quite a few looking for my reviews of Keurig Coffee Brewers. I've done two so far... one, when I first got my Keurig last July and loved it and then an update two weeks later when it didn't work and I realized I got a lemon and had to return it.

Since then I've kept my mouth shut, waiting and watching and using our current Keurig to see if it would hold up. Well, it's now September and I'm absolutely in love with it, so I'm willing to take my chances and post again.

The model I have is the one I found (pictured above) at Amazon. We bought ours at Best Buy and it is the $129 'Special Edition' version. It came with an 18 count variety pack of coffee which was wonderful because not only are you ready to enjoy your first cup of coffee immediately after priming the machine, but you get to taste the different brands and flavors before you invest in a box of k-cups of one particular brand or roast style.

K-cups cost about $9.95 per carton of 18 but can be found cheaper on You also have the choice of purchasing an individual reuseable k-cup that you fill with your own ground coffee and brew. I also save money by reusing the cups an extra brew cycle. I brew the first batch, drink about 3/4 of it, which by then it's cooled off too much for my own personal (200 degree!) taste so I open the top off the Keurig, lift and give the k-cup a quarter turn and shut the lid again. I hit the 'smallest' cup size (which is a tea cup size) and top off my coffee. Thus, reheating my coffee and reusing the cup. On it's own a 2nd brew cycle is too weak to enjoy but to top off my current cup and reheat it, it works perfectly.

So far... so good. Two months and I'm still absolutely head over heels about our Keurig.

Edited to Add:  A reader contacted with me to say he found a video showing a guy using his toothbrush to clean his machine and get it to work.  It's worth a try!  Here's the link.

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