September 14, 2009

The Post In Which I Admit to Liking A Vanilla Coffee

Last month I was contacted by Singing Dog Vanilla asking my permission to use a recipe of mine which included both vanilla and cinnamon... two of their featured products. I happily gave permission and was even happier to find out they were going to send me some fabulous vanilla paste and their own brand of cinnamon to try.

A few weeks went by and I received a box in the mail. I opened it, expecting to see vanilla and cinnamon but instead found their ground vanilla coffee. I have to admit a couple things before I go on with this morning's article;

1. I don't like flavored coffee. (Well, unless there is a raging snow storm outside and I'm stuck in the house, sipping coffee, watching it snow buckets and perhaps decorating our home for Christmas.)

2. I have a Keurig coffee maker. I don't use ground coffee. I use individual k-cups. When I do use coffee I buy it in whole bean form and grind it fresh myself and use my personal k-cup filter to brew it. Typically my coffee is black. And strong. No milk, no cream, no sugar. 200 degrees when possible.

One of my most hated coffee flavors happens to be... vanilla. A chemically sweet, fake 'vanilla' taste, I gag and won't buy it and won't drink it. My parents, for a long while, took to mixing their regular coffee with vanilla flavored. They kept it in the main canister and when you visited their home they made this coffee, without warning anyone it was vanilla flavored and without asking if the guests even liked it. Needless to say my husband and I stopped sipping coffee at their home. I finally admitted why and suggested that many, many people don't care for flavored coffees and should be given a choice. They now brew regular unless they give fair warning.

So, you can see (in my long rambling way that I have) that this coffee had a lot going against it to even have been opened. But it was. It was opened. It was brewed. And the resulting sips surprised me.

Hand roasted in small batches, the organic coffee beans are only ground with real, organic, vanilla beans. There are only two ingredients; coffee beans and vanilla beans.

The result?


Ok. I'm impressed. The vanilla was smooth. No chemical taste. No fake vanilla. There was absolutely no bitter taste, not immediately and not after. It was rather incredible to taste 'real' vanilla coffee and find it to be smooth, almost sweet, with absolutely no added sweeteners at all. The after taste of this coffee was perfect as well... just a hint of naturally sweet vanilla on the exhale. I took to having it a couple days in a row and even made it into ice coffee last weekend.

I can now tell my readers that without a doubt, this is the best (and only) vanilla flavored coffee I've had to date. No fake sugary chemical flavor and no bitterness. Just real, organic natural vanilla. You can find a retailer near you or order it online through their website at the link above. Enjoy!Print Friendly and PDF