January 09, 2010

Press Release: National Pie Day - I'ts As Easy As 1-2-3

Recognize Someone Special: Take, Bake, Or Buy, An American Pie For National Pie Day (As Easy To Remember As 1/23!)

CHICAGO (January 5, 2010) – The image of a homemade pie being shared with a friend, soldier, or loved one is an integral chapter in the American story. Offered as a way to express gratitude for a soldier’s service or given to a friend simply as a way of saying thanks, to this day a fresh-baked pie presented as a heartfelt gift carries with it a reassuring sense of courtesy and sincerity.

As the nation steers through a series of challenges, the American Pie Council (APC) recognizes that we still have much to be grateful for and many to say thank you to: Men and women who defend our nation, friends and neighbors who volunteer time to worthy causes, and family members who are always there for us.

So to help say ‘thank you’ the best way they know how, the APC and its associate members have decided to highlight National Pie Day (January 23rd) by helping people across the nation recall the simple pleasure of presenting a pie as a gesture of kindness. On its website, www.piecouncil.org, the APC’s commercial members will post discount coupons and award-winning recipes that can help anyone bake or take a homemade or bakery-fresh pie to someone who’s earned their love or respect.

“There’s something touching about giving someone a gift as special as a pie,” suggests Linda Hoskins, executive director, American Pie Council. “When you picture troops receiving pies as they rolled through a train depot in the Midwest, or recall a time when neighbors shared pies to reflect a treasured friendship or recognize the strength of a close-knit community, it all brings to mind a comforting sense of nostalgia and kindness. So as our members discussed it, we realized we had the ability to help rekindle those connections.

“Besides,” Hoskins adds, “If you were getting a gift, would you rather receive an ordinary tie… or an extraordinary pie?”

The act of sharing America’s quintessential dessert brings with it an extraordinary heritage. In many homes family recipes go back for decades and, quite often, special kitchen utensils have been passed down over generations. As with family reunions and special get-togethers, what takes place in the kitchen also brings families together as children and parents and husbands and wives experience the pleasure of working together and creating something special for someone else.

“Whether you’re the one who gives or receives a pie,” suggest Hoskins. “It’s an experience that’ll put a smile on your face.”Print Friendly and PDF