Kudo's to Costco for Fast Egg Recall Information

Everyone has probably heard about the huge egg recall going on right now but many have no idea if they've actually bought the product or not. Tonight after work I saw a message on my home phone. What a surprise to hear a recording from my local Costco store letting me know that according to their records I have bought eggs between April and July that were included in the recall.

Granted, any eggs I bought in April or May are long used up by now (and no, we did not get sick) but I thought that was pretty awesome to not only have called customers who have purchased eggs included in the recall, but that they did it so quickly.

I would not have returned the eggs, but only made sure they were completely cooked and I did not use them any uncooked desserts, salad dressings or undercooked breakfast eggs but I was still happy to know Costco put their customers first and got the calls out to their clientele so fast!Print Friendly and PDF