March 22, 2011

Homemade Hot Flax Cereal (great for when you are low carbing and miss oatmeal)

Regular readers know my husband and I are big proponents of low carb/no sugar lifestyles.  I won't go into the long drawn out story (again) but I discovered Atkins in 2001 - 2002 when I was looking for a program to detox my body of sugar/flour/etc. for health reasons.  While doing the strict 2 week induction period my husband saw how incredible I felt, how much energy I had and how amazing my skin texture was and asked if I would 'start over' my 2 week program so he could do it with me.  We weren't planning on doing this way-of-eating  for the rest of our lives, especially while we had 3 young children but we ended up incorporating many of the food choices into our everyday lives and we still do Atkins induction and/or the maintenance period w.o.e. two to three times a year as well.  

Many of the recipes I discovered or made up during the spring and summer of 2002 made it into our everyday 'favorites' even when we aren't necessarily low-carbing.  Although there are a slew of 'pre made' products on the market now, there wasn't back then!  I made up this hot cereal recipe back then to incorporate flax into our diets as well as enjoying a hot breakfast on freezing cold Minnesota winters when oatmeal wasn't allowed.  My husband LOVES this recipe and I try to keep it on hand in the freezer for him at all times.

I mix this up and put it into a an old whey protein powder canister from which I removed the label from and then wrote with a permanent marker the instructions for preparing it on the side.  I keep this in our freezer and it keeps forever without losing flavor.

*Note:  this is really filling.  My husband and I usually have a 'scoop' of it which is probably about 1/2 a cup.  Rarely ever more than 3/4 cup.  Depending on the brand of products you use it will have a different carb count but in general it's going to be about 2 - 3 carbs per serving. 

Hot Flax Cereal Recipe
(Made up in the spring of 2002 and enjoying ever since!)

2 c ground Bob's Red Mill Flaxseed Meal,
2 c wheat bran
4 scoops Nature's Best  Zero Carb Isopure , Creamy Vanilla
1/2 t salt
sliced almonds
optional: natural sweetener of your choice

This is the dry mix to keep in your freezer in a tightly sealed container.  Place the ingredients in a bowl and mix well.  Use enough cinnamon to flavor the mixture to your own tastes.  1 teaspoon is about right for us.  Same with the amount of sliced almonds. You can use Splenda at this point if you like or leave it out.  We sprinkle Splenda on the finished product so I usually leave it out of the dry mix.

To use, scoop some in a bowl, moisten with water just to the point of being soupy and runny.  Microwave about 1 minute.  Add cream and natural sweetener to taste and consistency you desire.  If you are not doing lowcarb/no sugar you can use milk and sugar on this like you would oatmeal.

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