Brownie Bites Baking Pan and Perfect "edge" Brownie Baking Pan

Perfect Brownie Pan Set
Place this pan's insert in the bottom, fill with batter, add divider, and bake; then cool, remove divider and outer pan.  Perfect brownies for those who like the 'outside' of the pan because with the insert in place, every brownie is an 'edge' brownie!   Non-stick carbon steel. Hand wash. Includes 10 decorative stencils.  $19.99


The hottest thing to hit the brownie baking scene;  the Brownie Bite Silicone Pan
Bake itty-bitty brownies and cakes in this easy-clean silicone pan from Wilton.  It makes 24 bite-sized treats for perfect portion control or events. Resists odors, stains, and heat to 500 F.  It's oven, microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe. $14.99

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