Say "Thank You" with Chocolate Chip Cookies

Yesterday morning I was going to meet my friend for coffee.  Because we are both so busy, we ended up running errands together as well as having coffee and during that time she told me about how an early morning jogger showed up at her home last Saturday morning to give her her driver's license, credit card and other items he had found thrown in her neighbors yard.  Apparently she had dropped her billfold getting out of the car and during the night someone had found it, stolen the cash and her debit card, and strewn the rest of the items on the ground.  She was thankful to him for returning her things.  She was planning on bringing him some homemade cookies as an extra 'thank you'. 

It just so happens I had been meaning to make cookies as a 'thank you' of my own. Our home is currently on the market and because we are located in a cul-de-sac without traffic passing by, my realtor asked the homeowners on the corner if we could please put a location sign in their yard pointing towards our home.    They agreed. It's been there almost 3 months now.  I know they are probably tired of it and wondering how long it will be there.  As a small "Hey, thanks!" I have been wanting to make them homemade cookies but over the last 6 weeks I've been out of state, working full time, working a couple late nights till 9:pm, I've also been doing about 18 house showings, moving 2 kids to college on other sides of the state...  I've been so busy I've been putting off making the cookies.  When I DID have time, I didn't want to do so because I knew it would mean extra cleaning for the house showings.

But yesterday was the day.  And of course it didn't take long, didn't make a big mess and I was very happy to put together a cute Autumn themed plate of cookies with a handwritten 'Thank You' card tucked inside.

Is today your day to make cookies?  Is there someone you can say "Thanks" to or brighten their day or deliver a few cookies just to say "I was thinking about you!"?Print Friendly and PDF