Create and Print a Family Cookbook for $39.00

I admit... I've been busy.  I've been steer heading the relocation of our family 1000 miles across the country from home to home and life hasn't slowed down to allow me to sufficiently concentrate on my freelance writing nor my blogs.  We also just hosted guests (my parents) when we aren't even living in our new home yet!  We didn't have appliances, mattresses nor beds so we are actually sleeping and eating in the temporary apartment while cleaning, unpacking and working on the house during the day.  On top of everything else however, I'm reminded that Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner.  Yikes!

This morning I was updating some information online when I clicked on one of the companies I write for on another website of mine, and an offer for my readers caught my eye... but not for my readers.  For me!  I saw it was an offer to create and print a family cookbook for $39.00.  Every time I see my parents it seems like I'm handwriting one of my favorite recipes for my mother to take home with her.  This weekend it was my blueberry bread recipe.  What a great gift idea... a cookbook printed with all the recipes my parents rave about when they visit me and ask me to write out or print out for them.

I haven't had time to click on it and read through all the details yet and I can't even do so right now as I've got to leave to get my daughter from school but it's here for my own use (and yours) later when I'm in a 'Christmas gift' frame of mind and can settle down with a cup of coffee and check out the details.

If I find it's something I don't think is a good fit I will come back and remove this post.   If any of my readers have already done this please feel free to comment below and let me know what you thought!Print Friendly and PDF