January 26, 2012

This site has outgrown it's brothers and sisters... So follow me on Twitter!

For the past kazillion years I've used one Twitter ID for all four of my websites, general chit chat with friends and well, everything. 

But this week I decided this particular website has grown as such, with about 11,000 - 14,000 hits a month, that it needs it's own email and it's own Twitter ID.

So, now it has one of each!

Every day I post a link to the days recipe and sometimes, photos.  I'm also going to start using it exclusively for the contests and product reviews I do for marketing companies and corporations.  I'm so excited that my little personal recipe site has grown up over the years and now is helpful to so many others as well.

Please consider following me if you want to get the latest and greatest from An American Housewife.  Thanks so very much!!

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