March 20, 2012

Pillsbury Pink Lemonade Cookie Mix? Thumbs Up!

Cookie Sandwiches made with Pillsbury Pink Lemonade Cookie Mix and Frosting

I certainly can't call making cookies with a mix and slapping them together with frosting a 'recipe' so we'll call it a product review.  While grocery shopping last week I walked by a display featuring the Pillsbury Pink Lemonade Flavored Cookie Mix and Pink Lemonade Frosting.  I have only bought a cookie mix once in my life since they are so easy to whip up from scratch and usually taste better, however; being a fan of pink lemonade coupled with the bright Spring sunshine that was peeking out from the clouds that day, I gave into impulse and it found its way into the cart.  I knew from the moment I tasted the dough they would be a hit, and they were!  I decided to make them into sandwich cookies and not only are they pretty in pink, they have just enough tang to be lemony and just enough sweetness to balance.

Pink Lemonade Sandwich Cookies

1 box Pillsbury Pink Lemonade Flavored Cookie Mix
(Butter and egg as called for on the box)
1 container Pillsbury Pink Lemonade Frosting

Prepare cookies as directed.  Let cool completely.  Sandwich two prepared and cooled cookies together with about 2 teaspoons of frosting.  Press gently together.  Enjoy!

Thank You to the commenter below!  YES!

I know some of you can't find these in your area any longer. My teenage daughter and I saw them at our local Super Walmart last year and commented that they and the limeade version were so good...  they have since came out with an orange cream and blue raspberry flavor as well.  I will see if Amazon has them and link to them at the bottom of this post if they do.

For those of you who can't find them in your area - you can try making them from scratch!  I think this recipe comes from Betty Crocker or Better Homes & Gardens.  One of the classics!!!!

Pink Lemonade Cookies

1/2 c real butter
1/2 c  sugar
1/2 t  baking powder
1/4 t  baking soda
1 egg
1/3 c of frozen pink lemonade concentrate
1 3/4 c flour
2 T butter
2 c  powdered sugar
2 t frozen pink lemonade concentrate

Red food coloring

Mix  1/2 cup butter with an electric mixer for 30 seconds. Add sugar, baking powder, and baking soda; beat until combined. Beat in egg and 1/3 cup lemonade concentrate. Beat in flour.  Add a few drops of food color to tint pink.

Spoon drops of dough about  2 inches apart on ungreased cookie sheet. Bake in a 350 degree F oven for 10 to 12 minutes or until edges are golden. Cool on cookie sheets for 1 minute; transfer off to cool completely.


Beat the 2 tablespoons butter, powdered sugar, and 2 teaspoons lemonade concentrate and about 2-3 t water to make spreading consistency.  Add 1-2 drops red food color to tint pink.  Frost.

Amazon does not have many options but I did find two options if you can't find it locally in your area;

Pillsbury Pink Lemonade Flavored Cookie Mix, 17.5 Ounce (Pack of 12)
Pillsbury Pink Lemonade Flavored Cake Mix, Cookie Mix and Frosting, 4 Count (Pack of 4)

Also available:
Pillsbury Blue Raspberry Premium Cookie Mix
Pillsbury, Orangesicle, Premium Cookie Mix
Pillsbury Key Lime Premium Cookie Mix

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