April 24, 2012

Main Dish Menu Idea's for Cinco De Mayo

Cinco De Mayo... do you celebrate?  Or perhaps just use it as an excuse to have a margarita and some delicious Mexican food?  Or as a great reason to get a group of friends together for a party? 

Over the years I've posted over 50 different Mexican recipes.  Everything from Guacamole and Tomatillo Green Sauce to Chalupas, Fajitas and Shrimp Tacos.  Mexican lasagna, quesadillas and enchilada's all have a regular place at our family table!   On  a whim I did a quick search of my own posted recipes and found just a quick smattering to list as main menu idea's with a Mexican twist.


Homemade Beef and Bean Burritos
Chicken Enchiladas
Mexican Lasagna
Shrimp Taco's
Shrimp Taco's with Bacon
White Chili
Chalupa's with Southwestern Sauce
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