May 05, 2012

Product Review: Fresh Lemongrass Salmon from Sam's Club

If you follow me on Twitter then you know I mentioned we had Salmon the night before last.  Bought in the deli and meat department of Sam's Club (not in the frozen food section), it was labeled as a Lemongrass Salmon and there were approximately 8 filets to the package.

To prepare, I simply heated the grill and then placed the salmon skin side down over the hot flame.  At that time I sprinkled a Garlic Pepper seasoning mixture on them followed by a light sprinkle of Mrs. Dash original.  Flipping when they were done on the first side, I continued cooking until they were flaky and pale in color.  As you can see they were beautiful, but what you can't tell is just how good they were!

Thumbs up!  Luckily we only grilled 4 that evening and put the other 4 in the deep freezer for next week.  Can't wait!Print Friendly and PDF