June 06, 2012

Product Review: Vodka Sauce for Pasta

If you are looking for a pasta sauce that is similar to a typical red spaghetti sauce, yet is smoother, creamier and less acidic, you might want to try Vodka Sauce.

Our family isn't a big fan of typical spaghetti.  We like it once in a great while, but I think we love it for the yummy garlic bread I always serve with it, more than actual meal itself.  However, when I switched to a Vodka Sauce instead, we found a pasta pairing that everyone loved.

I have to admit I'm not particularly partial to any one brand.  If I have the time to travel to my nearest World Market, I prefer the brand they carry.  However, since we've relocated to this new state, my nearest World Market is about 30 minutes away.  Local grocery stores carry a couple name brands like Classico and Bertolli.  You can also order them on Amazon and this morning I found a link for a 6 pack of Vodka Sauce mixes that you can whip up yourself.  I haven't tried them yet but I may order them to see how they compare to the glass premixed version.

So today I just wanted to let Mom's and Dad's out there know;  if your children think regular spaghetti sauce is 'too spicy' or you just want something a little different, give it a try.  I have to be honest here in my description, so don't laugh... but I think the sauce reminds me a lot of the creamy sauce in Spaghetti O's.  Yep, that creamy, red sauce that most of us kids of the 70's and 80's grew up eating.

In the photo above, I used 1 bottle of Vodka Sauce
Mixture of cooked Penne and Bow Tie Pasta
1 can of diced tomatoes
1 t dried basil

Served with a side salad and garlic bread sticks.  Delicious!

Bertolli Vodka Pasta Sauce Pouch  (Pack of 6)
Classico Vodka Sauce 

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