November 27, 2012

Think Outside of the Cup! Spiced Carrots - (Surprise! Made with Pumpkin Pie Torani Syrup)

Incredible carrot side-dish for your next meal
Our family always have about 7 - 8 different flavors of Torani Syrup on hand at any time for use in coffee, cappuccino's, latte's and snow cones as well as flavoring whipped cream, cakes, quick breads and pie fillings.  Through a campaign by and Torani Syrups, I had a chance to be sent 2 bottles (no choice of flavor) of syrups to review.  With over 80 flavors available, I knew I had a good chance of being sent a flavor I had never tried before, and I was right.  I received a bottle of hazelnut (which I have bought before but don't have currently) and a bottle of pumpkin pie syrup flavoring.

Just in time for the holidays, I thought I would share a recipe I whipped up using the new-to-me Pumpkin Pie flavor.  It is so easy a child can make it, but so good, you'll probably get compliments from guests and asked for the recipe.  I love carrots - freshly peeled, sliced and cooked - and love them with the most simple of seasonings; butter, salt and pepper.  However, I found the addition of pumpkin pie syrup gives them that little something special that makes them shine as more than a lowly side dish. 

Spiced Carrots

3 fresh, large carrots
3/4 c pumpkin pie flavored Torani Syrup (I used Sugar Free, you can use either)
1 1/2 c water

Peel the carrots and slice into coins about 1/4" thick.  Place either in a microwavable bowl or in a small saucepan.  Bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer on the stove, or cook in your microwave until the carrots are just tender.  Drain quickly and add salt, pepper and a tablespoon or so of butter to your personal tastes.  Serve hot.

I have a few $1 off coupons to share if you have a retail store near you and you would like to purchase a bottle, or you shop online and have it shipped directly to your home!  Use code SHESPEAKS  thru 11/30/12 on the site to order direct or email me to request a coupon and I'd be happy to mail you one.

*As mentioned above, this post was sponsored by SheSpeaks and I was sent two bottles of Torani Syrup to try and review.  All opinions however, are mine.

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