January 13, 2014

An American Housewife Reviews: Swiffer Sweep and Trap

This post sponsored with free product for an honest review from Swiffer through SheSpeaks.

That is how I felt when I received the new Swiffer Sweep and Trap.  Honest!

I have been looking at non-electric sweepers for dry messes and crumbs (like the ones your parents and Grandparents probably used) as well as looking at a Swiffer for my hardwood floors.  Getting to review a product that was both in one was exactly what I needed so yes, I was thrilled.

My Swiffer review product came with 2 trial 'messes' enclosed. Silly company... my house with kids, dogs and cats has more than enough messes to 'try' my new sweeper! 

  • The product snaps together quickly and is quite durable.  
  • I was happy with the length of the metal pole and the ring on the end to hang it in my cleaning closet was perfect.  
  • The blades are rubber so it will not harm your wood floors and the compartment bin to hold the crumbs, dust and other items kept them confined until I dumped them into the trash.
  • The Swiffer dust cloth works well to capture dirt too small to be picked up in the blades.
  • Easy to clean out!

  • It doesn't work well with short passes.
  • Dog hair wraps around the sides of the blades

The first trial Swiffer wanted me to test was a smattering of screws and nuts.  The second was wood shavings.  The Swiffer picked up all the screws and nuts but I did have to make a few passes and go back and forth over it a number of times. It worked best in long passes of at least 4-5 feet.  Going back and forth in a 1-2 foot area tended to push the mess around more than pick it up.   I took a video of the process which you can see below.  The wood shavings really got pushed around.  I had to chase them around my dining room with the Swiffer before they finally jumped into the blades correctly!   

The Swiffer was a little bit intimidating when I saw the pieces but it went together
extremely quick and easy with just a few 'snaps' into place.

 Attaching the Swiffer cloth to the bottom of the sweeper

See it in action with this quick video I recorded.  You can see how I had to go over the same area a few times to get the pieces to sweep up but it did finally pick everything up and deposited it into the compartment where it stayed until I dumped it in the trash.  This was my very first time trying it and I wasn't used to doing 'long' 4-5 feet sweeps.  Longer passes work far better than short ones, as you will see.

After using the Swiffer for the 'messes' they sent with the product to try, I used it for my 'real' everyday messes; dog hair and crumbs in the kitchen/dining area and feathers from our feather pillows that somehow like to gather under our bed.  The dog hair was picked up and tends to roll around the ends of the blades, but was quick and easy to clean.  Crumbs were picked up well as long as I could do 'long' 4-5 foot passes and the feathers were 50/50.  They didn't stay in the Swiffer very well and would find their way back out!

Final Thoughts:  I like it and I will keep it and use it daily.  I love the dusting capability and really love how the Swiffer dusting cloths hold dust and dog hair perfectly so I can pick it up and transport it to the trash.  It's affordable and readily available in stores like Walmart and more.

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