Product Review: Great Low Carb Bread Company and particularly the Onion and Everything Bagels!


I just finished breakfast and it was only after I finished the last bite I thought;  "Oh!  I should have taken a picture and reviewed these bagels!"   Ooops.  Too late.  But I did get the package back out and take a picture for this post!

This is not a paid review.  I wasn't given any products to review, but I did order these from Netrition last week and I've been enjoying them all week long and wow.  It's so amazing and delicious to enjoy a BREAD that doesn't have the adverse effects that regular wheat flour based bagels do. 

Last year I reviewed and posted a recipe for bagels made from scratch with a bread/bagel mix.  My homemade bagels taste like these - the difference is simply; no work to make them!  I went out on a limb to order these bagels premade, but I'm thrilled I did and I'm so completely happy with them.

You can get them straight from their own company site, but I've actually found great pricing (because you can get free or reduced shipping depending on your order total as well as great pricing) at both Amazon and Netrition.

(Amazon Low Carb Bread Options from this company: Great Low Carb Bread Company)

This week as I was rushing out the door to go on a 'graduation dress shopping day' with my teenager I knew I needed something filling and fast.  I toasted a low carb bagel, spread it with some cream cheese and rushed out the door.  Having something hot, filling and healthy was awesome because I wasn't swayed by being hungry an hour later and wanting to cave into 'mall food'.  

This morning I just enjoyed an incredible breakfast sandwich.  Move over McDonalds, mine was much healthier.  A low carb bagel with egg, a bit of cheese and a slice of crispy bacon.  Lots of protein, no wheat belly pains and no sugar.

Now, let's talk ingredients and carb count.  The easiest thing is to show you their label;

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