May 02, 2014

Product Review: Great Low Carb Bread Company and particularly the Onion and Everything Bagels!

I just finished breakfast and it was only after I finished the last bite I thought;  "Oh!  I should have taken a picture and reviewed these bagels!"   Ooops.  Too late.  But I did get the package back out and take a picture for this post!

Last year I reviewed and posted a recipe for bagels made from scratch with a bread/bagel mix.  My homemade bagels taste like these - the difference is simply; no work to make them!  I went out on a limb to order these bagels premade, but I'm thrilled I did and I'm so completely happy with them.

(Amazon Low Carb Bread Options from this company: Great Low Carb Bread Company)

This week as I was rushing out the door to go on a 'graduation dress shopping day' with my teenager I knew I needed something filling and fast.  I toasted a low carb bagel, spread it with some cream cheese and rushed out the door.  Having something hot, filling and healthy was awesome because I wasn't swayed by being hungry an hour later and wanting to cave into 'mall food'.  

This morning I just enjoyed an incredible breakfast sandwich.  Move over McDonalds, mine was much healthier.  A low carb bagel with egg, a bit of cheese and a slice of crispy bacon.  Lots of protein, no wheat belly pains and no sugar.

Now, let's talk ingredients and carb count.  The easiest thing is to show you their label;

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