July 31, 2014

FLASHBACK: What was I making 8 years ago today? 7 years? 5? 3? Last year?

This is pretty random for my website, but I found myself wondering what I was doing and making on this same date in years past.  Since I've had this website going since 2006, I did a quick search and thought I'd share.

Although I didn't have an entry for the 31st, I did two on the day before.  One of those is my favorite tender, Southern biscuit recipes.  The funny thing is, in 2006 I had NO CLUE I would ever actually live in the deep South again.


In 2007 I posting about the delicious grilled potatoes I had made for dinner the night before.  Sometimes we still make various versions of today... and often.

In 2008 we were grilling marinated shrimp.  This is something I still make often and after investing in a grill basket, it's easier than ever.  We made this over a campfire on the patio a couple weeks ago.

In 2009 I was posting about the spider in my garden...


In 2010 I didn't have a post but instead, had posted this delicious sounding Cherry and Blue Cheese Salad.

In 2011, not only was I knee deep in marketing and showing our home as we were in the middle of a relocation across the country, but I was working full time at the museum as the administrative assistant (complete with helping with the weekend events, fund raisers, mid-week board meetings, the young professional meetings we held there as well as getting ready to move my son to college, traveling down South to enroll my daughter into high school in the new city/state...   and I apparently had just spilled coffee all over my laptop keyboard.  But a day or two before, I had posted a recipe for ButterBeer from Harry Potter.

In 2012, on July 31st, I made beautiful homemade plum jelly I remember how gorgeous these were, cooling on the counter as the sunshine hit them.  They didn't last long as my homemade jelly, jam and salsa's are my husbands favorites and he goes through them in record time!

Last year on this date, I was making a yummy homemade peanut butter, using peanut flour!

That was fun!!!  And I got to revisit a few old recipes from my files.  It also brought back a lot of random memories of that time period in our lives.  So much has changed since 2006!


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