My natural flea and tick repellent and dewormer for my dogs? Easy. Garlic.

When I started this post I found myself starting to go into details, which made it really, really long.  If I'm to 'cut to the chase' it's that I use fresh, raw garlic for the health of my dogs.

Basically - the REALLY short version is; we found ourselves caught up in the vicious cycle of pharmaceuticals and chemicals that have become commonplace to give our dogs for fighting mosquito's, flea's and ticks and de-worming after the dogs would ingest a random flea from biting at an itch. 

That was not ok with me.  My dogs were miserable from the effects of all those chemicals being put into their body to repel fleas and ticks and kill off parasites in their digestive tract.  (A monthly cycle of lethargy, shakes, throwing up, diarrhea, going 'off' their food, dispelling the dead {and still live} worms from the flea eggs that hatched in their digestive systems... and repeat every single month).  I asked my vet's office;  "It's been 3 months in a row of this cycle of flea's and de-worming.  Is this just what I should expect? Is this what I'm going to have to do year round in the Southern states?"  She said, "Yep.  Pretty much."

That's when I started to do my own research.  And after a few weeks of research, I decided to take the advice of a 90 year old farmer and start giving my dogs garlic.

It's unfortunate there is so much misinformation being spread about garlic for dogs, but I'm not going to get into that argument.  It's easy;  if you don't want to give your dog garlic, then don't.  I'm not telling anyone to.  What I'm doing is simply saying "hey, this is what I use and it works for me and my dogs." 

Garlic is an amazingly healthy food.  Our family loves garlic and eats it with almost every meal in some way, shape or form so I usually buy it in the bulk container at Sam's Club.  For dogs, garlic is a natural antibiotic,antifungal and antiviral.  Garlic boosts the immune system, makes dogs less desirable to fleas and ticks and is a natural antiparasitic.

In the Fall of  2012, I embarked on my 1 month 'garlic' trial for my two dogs.  No more chemicals.  Just garlic and only garlic. I started to add it to their food in the morning and evening.  At first I worried they wouldn't like the taste or strong smell so I actually cooked it the first couple days!  By the third or fourth day I was cooking it in a bit of water in the microwave.  Finally, I decided to just add it straight to the bowl and see what they thought.  Gobbled it right up.  No more cooking.  Just a spoonful of garlic with every meal.

After 1 month I saw such an improvement, I continued it on a 3-month trial.  Wow. We never went back.  We didn't have to.   For the past 2 years, my dogs have been getting fresh garlic every night with their food.  Flea's and ticks don't like my dogs.  We simply don't have issues with them anymore.  Mosquito's don't like our dogs.  They avoid them.  We haven't had to deal with worms or de-worming in almost 2 years.  And this is in the deep South!  Where flea's and ticks and mosquito's are awful!

I don't measure, I just add a scoop to their dog food, mix it up and serve it.  (My dogs are 65 and 75 pounds each) But I did find this recommendation on using fresh garlic from The Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats by Dr. Pitcairn.

10 to 15 pounds: 1/2 a clove
20 to 40 pounds: 1 clove
45 to 70 pounds: 2 cloves
75 to 90 pounds: 2.5 cloves
100 pounds +: 3 cloves

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