Put up Two More Pints of Spicy Watermelon BBQ Sauce

After traveling cross-country last week, Mr. Husband went back to work today at noon and I got back in my element.  Cooked marinated chicken breasts in the solar cooker, made 2 more batches of spicy watermelon bbq sauce, canned it for the pantry and then made some homemade biscuits to bake in the solar cooker since we had a nice sunny day with a constant 350 degrees in the solar oven.  What a great feeling to 'put up' a couple homemade, home canned sauces as well as cooking completely off grid.

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2022 UPDATE:    Note that this post is from 2014.  Now, in 2022 my solar oven is difficult to find.  There are still other brands and styles available however.

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