November 01, 2014

Gearing up for Holiday baking: A Cookie a Day Until Christmas and all that jazz

Over the years my baking has evolved.  A couple Christmas goodies turned into a 'couple more' as new recipes were tried and new favorites were found.  The addition of children to our family introduced more favorites, more traditions, more recipes. Giving baked goods as gifts introduced a few more traditions and before I knew it, I was baking 2 and 3 huge trays of cookies for my husband to bring into his place of work as a treat and morale booster to the 100+ employees to enjoy over the course of two days the week of Christmas.

That's a lot of baking.

As the calendar turns to November 1st, it's time to start 'thinking' about Christmas goodies to be made that year.  I typically make anywhere from 19-26 different recipes and many are two or three batches if they are a big favorite.  I know which treats freeze well, so those are made first, followed a line of goodies that are made literally up to the days we give them as there are some cookies, candies and treats that are made and given immediately.

In the end, I'll have a list of about 26-27 ideas, a list of 19-26 finished products, about 1000 cookies, candies and treats, a freezer full of containers holding goodies ready to be put together as gifts, on trays and for our own family celebrations this blessed Christmas holiday.

This weekend, as the calendar has turned over to November 1st, I will start going through my holiday recipes and cookbooks and deciding on this year's list.  In 2012 I put together a list of treats and links and posted them here on An American Housewife.

You can find them in the page link above or here;

  A cookie a day til Christmas (2012 version).

I also have SO MANY recipes I've posted since 2006 
that you can find using the search to your right, 
in the side bar.

I'm off to brew some fresh coffee, settle down with a few recipe binders and books and start my list.  From there comes the ingredient list and then the shopping list.  New spatulas? New cookie cutters?  What sprinkles and glitter sugar do I need?  More aluminum trays?  Lots of aluminum foil on hand?  Do I have enough cookie trays?  Specialty ingredients I need to order online as I know I can't find them here locally?  Or I know which products sell out fast in the grocery store and won't be restocked in time (like almond paste!  ALWAYS almond paste!)

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