March 19, 2015

Gearing up For Garden Season - Above Ground Deck Garden Kit (My only option right now)

The start of the growing season in my above ground kit - the tomatoes went on to be almost 8-9 feet tall!

Over the course of our marriage we started out with apartments and rental homes, followed by owning 5 different homes thus far.  Over all that time I've had no garden, small container gardens, traditional gardens and above ground gardens.

In our current home, we have no area of land or yard that is flat, nor do we have actual 'soil' down here in the deep South like we had in the Midwest and the North.  Even if I had a flat spot of land, we have only 1/2" of clay or sand before we hit rock as we live on the side of what is basically a mountain. 

My options in this home is to spend time and money building up an above ground garden with wood structures; but because of the nature of my husbands job and our willingness to always relocate, I don't want to invest money or energy into something we don't need when there are other options for the time being.

The first summer we lived here we put in a flat 2 foot wide area of landscaping in the backyard against a hill that starts right off the deck.  I planted a 'garden' of sorts there the first year until we put in shrubs that Fall (you can see it in the background of the photo below).  I had peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, garlic and more! 

Last year I was setting myself up to simply 'container' garden on the deck when I came across a kit at my local Sam's Club while shopping for groceries.  It seemed like the perfect answer to my garden spot dilemma. 

It was a composite material kit with boards, corners and connectors.  It was 8" high and if you wanted, you can stack two or more kits to make a deeper bed.  It was lightweight, durable and weather resistant.

I do not know if Sam's Club will be carrying them again this year but they are available on Amazon and you can view them here:: Greenland Gardener 8-Inch Raised Bed Double Garden Kit

I put a thick, heavy duty plastic under mine when constructing it as it was on my deck and not on the ground.  If you have an area of the ground you can put it on, that would be optimal.  We just don't have that option with our current yard.

In addition to this area I transplanted some of the strawberry plants from the landscaped area to containers - where they are still healthy and happy!  I'm also adding 2 more large containers on the deck this year for potatoes and carrots.

If you have just a little space.. please consider planting your own goodies.  It takes very little time or work and yet the feeling of accomplishment you get from growing your own foods is incredible - as well as healthy since you know exactly where your food came from and what chemicals were(n't) put on it.


    Greenland Gardener 8-Inch Raised Bed Double Garden Kit

    Product Description
    Raised garden bed with dimensions of 42-Inch by 84-Inch by 8-Inch high. Product has a patented corner system. Made from recycled plastic and wood. Product does not require any tools to assemble, assembles in minutes.
    • Made from recycled plastic and wood
    • Will not rot
    • Patented corner system

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