May 23, 2015

Beer Margarita's! Frozen and Non-Frozen Versions

Re-post from 2013

I've posted both these recipes in past years, but I've never put both of them in the same post even though they are for two versions of a very similar drink.

I rarely drink because I simply don't like the taste of alcohol.  The one drink I will enjoy once in a great while is a frozen margarita.  When it comes to Margarita's, you can find a vast array of flavors and a rainbow of colors as it's a fun drink to play with and improvise with fruits and flavors, however, a couple years ago, BEER MARGARITAS became the 'next big thing' in summer backyard bbq's and get-togethers.

Here are two versions.  The first is a frozen concoction using crushed ice and the second is a quick and easy stir and serve version.  Both have gotten rave reviews from readers in years past.

Beer Margarita's

1 cup frozen limeade concentrate, thawed
1 cup tequila
1/2 cup orange liqueur (like Triple Sec)
Crushed ice
1/2 to 1 cup cold beer

Stir together first 3 ingredients until well blended. Fill 4 medium glasses with crushed ice. Pour limeade mixture evenly into glasses. Add beer to taste.

Three ingredient Beer Margarita's

1 can of frozen Limeade
beer - bottle or can

Pour the Limeade into a pitcher.  Fill the empty can with Tequila and add to the pitcher.  Pour in one cold beer.   Stir, serve.

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