July 23, 2015

Shredding and Vacuum Sealing Fresh Cabbage with my Weston Food Vacuum Sealer

I've loved cabbage my whole life.  I grew up with a Dad who would chop a big corner or chunk off a head of fresh cabbage and we would eat it as a snack like other people would eat an apple.  I love it in almost every way you can serve it, and my family has discovered they like it on sandwiches as it holds a crunch better than wilty lettuce.  We buy cabbage in bulk at Costco or Sam's but often times the last few inches in the bag goes bad before we can use it up.

This last time at the store I bought 2 fresh heads of cabbage and decided to shred and bag it myself with my vacuum sealer.  It worked so great!  The color and crunch stayed as fresh when opening the sealed bags as the day I sealed them.

I have a fairly cheap Weston brand vacuum sealer.  A larger, pro version wasn't in our budget and when my husband saw this Weston Harvest version on sale at Lowe's he bought one for me.  I've been THRILLED with it.  I don't want bells and whistles and digital options or anything else.  I wanted a simple, straight forward sealer and this was it.

For those new to vacuum sealing who wanted to see in pictures how to use it to home shred and seal cabbage, I thought I'd pop this post up here quickly. 

Shred all or part of your fresh cabbage in a food processor or by hand
I mixed 1/2 a head of green with 1/2 a head of red cabbage

Love this color!

Scooping fresh shredded cabbage into bags about 2/3 full

Place it into the sealer and lock down the sides

Whether it's because I'm impatient or it's good for the machine, I don't know, but I
press out a good portion of the air right before I press the 'vacuum and seal' button so
it goes faster.  Ha ha.

It sucks the air out to a tight package
and seals the top perfectly

Fresh cabbage to store in the refrigerator long term!

Weston Brands Harvest Guard Vacuum Sealer
200 8" X 12" Weston Vacuum Sealer Bags, compatible with FoodsaverTM and all sealer machines
Weston Professional Advantage Vacuum Sealer
FoodSaver V2244 Vacuum Sealing System


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