September 24, 2015

Centrum VitaMints: Product Review Time!

I was sent a weeks worth of Centrum VitaMints free to try and sample - and I do NOT have to mention it on my blog - but I am anyway because well, they turned out to be pretty darn good!

I'm not a vitamin girl and never have been. I've never gotten in the habit of taking a mutli-vitamin to support my system because they either tasted horrible to me, were too large or I just couldn't remember to take them.  And... I absolutely cannot take any vitamin of any kind without some sort of food in my stomach or I'll vomit.

And guess what?  That's not true anymore!  As a matter of fact these work awesome for me because I can keep them in my office.  Next to my computer.  Where I have coffee.  Lots of coffee.  And when I'm done with my coffee I pop two vitamins in my mouth and chew them up...  thereby accomplishing 1)  Getting rid of coffee breath and 2) I just took a daily mutli-vitamin!
Centrum wants everyone to know they are not a mint, and they don't give you energy or do anything that makes their legal team nervous when people make 'claims' about it.  But they say to "Take them any time of day, with or without food or water, to replenish your body with vitamins and minerals that support your energy, immunity, metabolism, and overall well-being".

What I know is this is the first vitamin (except for those gumball styles) that I can take without getting sick, I can take without food or water, and they taste like mint, which I like after drinking my morning coffee.  So... there's that.   If you would like to try them, they are offering a free sample through Smiley360 and Centrum while supplies last.

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