Product Review Time: Mighty Mug - the Mug that Won't Fall Over

The view
When I'm working at my laptop everyday, this is my view....  I always have a drink of 'something' to the left of my computer on my desk.  I'm a coffee fiend so until about 11:30 it's hot coffee.  After 11:00 it's either iced coffee, ice water or once in a great while, a sugar free energy drink.

My actual view
To be honest, more often than not, this is my view.
My type-A 'get it done' personality often has me multi-tasking and I tend to focus on what I'm reading or researching so I am more than likely reaching for my drink while my eyes are on the screen.  Or I'm carrying papers or a binder in one hand, a coffee mug or drink in the other, and sitting down at my desk and attempting to put my drink down when this happens.

Yes, this really happened this weekend right when I was going to sit down and start to write this review

I've spilled coffee on white carpet, numerous desks, my white blouse, my pants...  the dog.

I've actually even ruined a laptop when I spilled an entire mug of hot coffee on it.  I grabbed it, flipped it upside down immediately to get the excess liquid out and then tried to dry it completely but the left half of my keyboard never recovered and I had to purchase a new one.

Knowing my background and my penchant for spilling liquids on my desk because I'm too preoccupied with what I'm typing or researching to slow down... you can understand my interest in when the maker of Mighty Mug contacted me to see if I would be interested in receiving one of their "smartgrip" mugs at no cost to me in return for reviewing the product. 

Uh, yes!


Mighty Mug is the highest funded coffee mug on KickStarter and since then has not only went to production but has a variety of styles to choose from.  From desk top mugs to travel mugs; different kinds, materials and colors.  I got to choose my own product to review and even though I really (really, really) wanted to choose a stainless steel solo mug, I decided the product I really needed to review was the desk top version because that is what I always end up tipping over with my hand and spilling on my desk.

 "Mighty Mug is the innovative mug that grips to your desk 
when knocked into. Say good-bye to your old mug 
that falls over and spills. Desks of the world rejoice!"

Mighty Mug
  • No spill design keeps the mug in place even when you push the side.
  • Lift straight up using the handle to take a sip.
  • Contents are kept hot with the double wall insulation.
  • Built in coaster eliminates watermark rings.
  • Constructed from BPA free plastic.
The mug is a lightweight BPA free plastic and has a fat handle for easy gripping.
The base is flexible and grips the surface it sits on.
To use the mug, you must lift it straight up to release the grip and allow you to sip.
If you try to pull it or push it at an angle, it will not tip, lift or obviously... spill.

I had just finished painting an exterior door and decided to take a coffee break and check emails.  I decided it was a great time to take a picture of me trying to push over my mug.  I knocked it, pushed it and hit it with my hand and fingers but it held fast.  Kudos you little mighty mug, you!

You can see the force I'm using to try to push the mug over

I personally found this mug to be a good design, truly does stay fast when jostled or knocked and lifted easily when I wanted it.  It absolutely is perfect for the desktop and while working.  I believe honest reviews also note the things I don't care for about products and there are a couple.

First disappointment is a personal thing.  I drink my coffee hot.  As in, piping hot.  My husband teases me that I like my coffee at 300 degrees and when it cools to 299 degrees, it's too cold for me to drink.  While that isn't exactly true, I do drink my coffee at 192-200 degrees.  And it's true, once it cools even a bit, I won't drink it.  So, my personal disappointment is that this mug is double insulated but it's plastic - and it does not keep my coffee piping hot for very long.  If I didn't have it drank within 10 minutes it was cooling too much for me (the hot head) to enjoy it.

The second isn't a 'con' to me personally but could be for others.  Although it's dishwasher safe, you have to take it apart first.  The flexible grip pad won't be flexible if it goes through the high heat cycles in a dishwasher, so you have to take the mug apart and only wash the mug so the grip doesn't get damaged.  I rinse and wash my coffee mugs by hand after my last use each day, so that's not an issue to to me. 

Generally speaking, I love this design of this mug.  If it were a ceramic base instead of plastic, perhaps it would keep my coffee hotter, longer but they do offer stainless steel travel mugs or smaller similar mugs I could choose that I think would keep it hot longer. Cost for the mugs run from $14.99 - $24.99.  Check out Mighty Mugs for more information, as well as browsing all the various versions, styles and colors they have available!  

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