My Kitchen Christmas List

Although I know some people love to get a 'list' from their loved ones in order to know what to buy them for Christmas... I do not. I don't ask for them and I don't make them.  I never have.  Even as a child.

Yes, even has a 7 year old child I didn't want to give or get a list.  The closest I came, was excitedly finding the Sears Christmas Catalog (and later, the JC Penney catalog too) came in the mail.  I would try to grab it before my siblings saw it, and would lay down on my stomach on the carpet with a pen or marker in hand and gleefully go through every page, circling or x-ing all the amazing gifts featured.  Often times at least one or two of my siblings would be laying as close as possible to me, our heads touching, each with a pen or marker and we would all be excitedly chattering about the wonderful toys and gifts on each page!  We usually put our first initial or name next to an item we were afraid our Mom wouldn't know for sure who marked it.  Just in case.  And when our little brother was a baby and toddler, we would mark things 'for him' - so proud of ourselves for helping Mom know what we were yearning for in our little hearts and minds.

And of course, with about 30 items circled, I would have NO idea what 3 or 4 gifts I might actually receive under the tree, so it was always a wonderful surprise.

I believed (and still do) that I should pay attention to what we've talked about over the past few months or year.  Notice what you've mentioned, wished for, looked at, or said you wished you had.  And I take note of that... and at Christmas I'm so happy to buy a gift for someone that I know they secretly (or not so secretly) yearned for but couldn't or wouldn't buy for themselves.

But not everyone is that conscientious.  Including my husband. So every year he asks for a list.  Every year I don't make one.  And every year for the past 20 years, he's turned to one of our children to ask them "what Mom wants".   As a six year old, my daughter was helping him buy my gifts as she knew better than he did what I wanted or needed!  Ha ha.  Of course, this is how I got bedroom slippers with a high heel too... so maybe I should start making lists.

Well, this year, he mentioned it again...  and this morning, with coffee in hand... I'm trying to come up with a list. We only have one child still 'at home' to help him... and she is only here part time as she attends University about 5 hours away.  With no one to help him, and judging from the bizarre or not really wanted/needed items in the past, I've been trying (trying!) to come up with list.  And that is where this post comes from.

If you decide to click through any of these items for yourself, I'm linking to Amazon.  If you decide to buy it, I may get a small commission from it (and when I say small, I'm talking like, anything from eleven cents to a buck) but it doesn't cost you anything extra at all.

My Own Personal Wish List from Amazon....

I bought a Victorio Manual (hand) Grain Mill to see if grinding my own wheat is something I would be interested in doing full time.  I don't like the digestive issues store bought breads and flour bring and although we eat low-carb often... not all the time.  And I have found I have almost NO ISSUES eating homemade breads!  So I invested in a small mill (This one actually - VICTORIO Hand Operated Grain Mill) and now that I know it's something I would absolutely use almost daily, I'd love an electric version!  It took me about an hour to grind enough wheatberries to make 2 loaves of bread.  This would go much faster! Ha.

WonderMill Grain Mill

Although I love any homemade bread, my husband is picky about it.  He will eat it with meals, but when it comes to making sandwiches, his bread needs to be 'square'.  It's a mental thing.  But I was thinking if I AM going to start grinding my own wheat all the time and making our own bread, I need some good quality loaf pans to bake them in.  And with this style, he would actually use them to make his sandwiches!

USA Pans Pullman Loaf Pan with Cover, Aluminized Steel

This is the wheat I bought and used with my hand mill.  I bought 3 of them; the hard red berries, hard white and soft white.  Hard red makes 'wheat' bread products.  Hard white is for white breads.  Soft white is good for baking and pastries.  I LOVE THIS STUFF!  It's non-GMO!  Non-Irradiated!  And they even tell you which field it's grown in.  I have 15 lbs. on hand right now but anticipate I'm going to be buying it regularly (once I get a faster grain mill!)

Non-GMO Project Verified Hard White Wheat Berries | 100% Non-Irradiated | Certified Kosher Parve | USA Grown |Identity Preserved (We tell you which field we grew it in)

My husband will see this one and say, "But, you already have a mixer."  Yes.  I do. And I love it and use it!  But it's about 8 years old and it's not a very powerful one.  With all the baking and cooking I do, I'd love to upgrade to a more powerful series.  I think mine is a 300 or 350.  This is a 600 series.  With all the bread making I plan to do, this would come in handy for that kneading!

KitchenAid 6 Qt. Professional 600 Series

Here is what is #1 on my list this year... even though I'm not sure of the exact brand or style I want or need.  Maybe my readers could help???

I want a steam mop!  It doesn't have to be an expensive model with all the bells and whistles, but I'm looking for a good quality, trustworthy model that won't break or leak with in 2-3 months.  I'd like it to have rotating brushes for the ceramic stone like tile in our kitchen and although I may use it on the hardwood floors, it's not my primary focus.  I already have a carpet cleaner so I don't need it to do carpets AND hard floors.  Just the hard tile floors in the kitchen, dining room and bathrooms. 

Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub

Hoover FloorMate Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner

I'm also adding a few other items to my 'list' that aren't kitchen or house related so I am not going to list them here.  (Comfy flannel pajamas, socks, candles and an electric blanket!). 

If you have any advice regarding the items on my list above, I'd love to hear it!  Personal reviews are so very helpful when having to buy items like these!

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