February 04, 2016

An Adult Root Beer Float - Not Your Father's Root Beer Floats!

Last summer it seemed everyone hosting a bbq or get together was serving bottles of "Not Your Father's Root Beer" - an adult root beer, but in this case, 'beer' really means beer.  Doing a lot of entertaining this past holiday season, I picked up a couple cases of this beverage to have on hand as a choice for guests.  Not being a beer drinker myself, I did taste it and I thought it was heavy on the 'root' and light on the 'beer'.  Enjoyable at first, but it seemed to get thicker and creamer the more I sipped it (it didn't literally... it just felt that way in my mouth) and I found that after about 5 sips, I was tasting more of the 'beer' and less of the 'root' it was just getting too thick for me to enjoy drinking.

But that is when I had a brainstorm.  Floats!  We had a low sugar ice cream in our freezer that came out, I scooped some into a soda glass, poured over the alcoholic root beer, stuck a straw in it and suddenly everyone wanted to try them!

It was fun drink - tasted like a typical root beer float - and for those of us not crazy about alcoholic drinks, it was nice to have something to sip and enjoy while hob-knobbing with my guests.

Thumbs up to this quick and easy.. and fun drink!

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