February 28, 2016

Paleo Bread made with Almond Flour

I forgot to take an 'after' photo - so I quickly took one of my breakfast! Paleo bread - toasted with butter

I don't have to eat wheat-free but I like to to some extent for various reasons and I'm always looking for a decent almond bread recipe.  Most of the versions you find, well, almost anywhere are all very similar.  This one I made last week and I liked it better than the 'spongy' versions - but it didn't raise hardly at all (which is very common for almond breads).

Why do I bother adding any yeast to an almond bread?  I use yeast because I love (love love love) breads and I want the yeast smell and flavor to my bread even if it's not actually accomplishing much.  The 'starch' in this recipe is used for bulk and a filler - it's a resistant starch which means it is not digested by your body like 'bad' starches and sugar are; it passes though as fiber.  You can use arrowroot powder, or corn starch, but also wheat resistant starch 75 if you can have it/use it. 

This will not raise so using a 'smaller' loaf pan gives you a taller bread.  We used it toasted (like in the picture of my breakfast I snapped on my iphone) or made into garlic bread and toasted in the oven.

Almond Flour Bread

3 c almond meal or flour (I used natural since it is a bread - no need to use expensive blanched almond flour)
1 c arrowroot powder or 1 c wheat resistant starch (will be cutting this down even more next time)
1/2 c psyllium husk powder (or you can use flaxmeal)
1 t salt
1 t baking soda
1 pk. quick rise yeast (doesn't actually make it rise, you can leave it out)
7 eggs - 7 egg whites is better for rising but I used whole eggs since I had nothing else to use yolks for right now
2 t sugar free honey
2 t Truvia sweetener
2 t apple cider vinegar
1/3 c grapeseed or olive oil
1 c water - use as much as needed

In a bowl place the almond flour, starch or arrowroot powder, psyllium husk or flaxmeal, salt, baking soda and yeast if you are choosing to use it.  Whip eggs in another bowl until light in color and foamy.  Add the honey, sweetener, vinegar and oil to the eggs and mix with the dry.  As you stir, it should be a thick batter.  Due to different brands of products, you may need to add water.  I used 1 cup of water to moisten the batter.
Place in a well greased loaf pan.  Bake at 350 for about an hour.  Your oven, the size of your pan and the brands of products used will change bake times.  Mine needed to go just over an hour due to my thicker bread pan. Cool.  Turn out. 

Final Thoughts:  If I want to make a bread without any wheat at all, this is probably one I'll continue to make but with these changes;  less resistant starch, egg whites and not whole eggs (to help with rising), leaving out the yeast as the taste didn't come through enough to make a huge difference, adding 2 t citric acid and using sparkling water as the citric acid and sparkling water will help the bread rise.


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