September 13, 2016

Let's talk healthy backs and healthy wrists: review time!

I get a number of emails asking me to review products and the first thing I do is decide if it's a product my family can truly use or have an interest in and then I do a bit of research into not only the product, but the company, their website, etc. before I reply.  I won't recommend any product unless we've tried it ourselves and today's post is doing double-duty; a wrist brace and a back brace for any of my readers who may be looking to purchase this sort of support.

The Vive Health Back Brace is a brace I specifically asked them about reviewing as I've been on the lookout for a good, sturdy brace for my husband.  He works up to 14 hours a day; mostly on his feet, and it often involves lifting heavy items and twisting.  Always on the look out for ways he can support his back and prevent injuries, I was anxious to see what he thought of the Vive Health brace.

The brace wrap is considered universal as it fits males or females and is 42" long so it works on waists up to about 38-39".  This is not a flimsy, lightweight support, but a really nice, sturdy support that feels good immediately when you put it on.  It is a compression wrap of lightweight fabric but includes stays to make it incredibly sturdy and best of all, has a lumbar support to apply gentle pressure to the lower back or can be removed if you don't need targeted support there.  The velcro is strong and stays put!  Very happy with the brace and my husband reports it was comfortable to wear and when you take it off you can immediately feel a difference in the lack of support - it makes you want to put it back on. In addition to the direct link to their site above, you can also find them available on Amazon.

My husband wasn't crazy about being my 'model' but he loves me, so he donned the brace
for a couple quick pictures.

Sturdy and supportive with strong velcro secure compression

Calling all those with carpal tunnel, arthritis, or tendonitis - Vive Heath wrist brace is perfect for aiding in recovery from injury to the hand or wrist, and can also be used to alleviate pain caused by repetitive motion or arthritis. 

We have used a couple different wrist supports in our family in the past and this one was more lightweight than we expected, but still had a strong, removable splint option.  The fabric is a lightweight neoprene and more breathable than the other versions we own.  The latching straps make it another universal product as it can be for men or women and adjustable to size.  I found this wrist brace to be less restrictive than others we tried; good for prevention of injury or light support but would have been too flexible for the first brace worn after the cast came off our daughter's wrist from a cheerleading injury.  This would have been a fabulous 2nd step brace support though!  Flexible and lightweight, yet supports and helps to prevent future injuries.

This universal wrist comes in either left or right handed versions and can be ordered direct from or through their link on AmazonVive Health is also offering a coupon discount code for readers who want to order direct from their site. 
If you order, be sure to use the discount code: GET20 to receive 20% off of your first purchase at

*We received these products in exchange for our unbiased reviews.

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