Reviews for The Cuisinart 14 Cup Food Processor - And a Price Drop!? ( DFP-14BCNY )

A couple months ago I wanted to shred a block of cheddar cheese in my food processor and it would not get the job done.  Granted, I have a very chea... uh affordable Hamilton Beach processor, but still, it's always been a great little machine for me and has power.  For whatever reason, it decided the task of shredding some cheese was too much work and I had to admit that my food processor might not be able to keep up with my penchant for cooking and baking.  That is when I set off to do my own research as to what food processor I should invest in to replace it.

I researched online websites and reviews for a couple days and then visited a couple retail stores in my local city.  The one I decided on was going to be the Cuisinart 14 cup processor.

I actually had a 20% off coupon for a local well known store so I decided that although this processor retailed for $199 (which is FAR out of my single income household budget) with my 20% coupon, and cutting back in a couple other places I could justify the purchase.  I cook and bake so much that a good processor is like gold to me.

And they did not stock them in the store!  Ha ha.

So I returned home, decided I would order it online through their website so I could still use the discount coupon, and all would be well.  Except something came up and I no longer had $150 to spend so I put it off.

And that was now months ago.  I never was able to get a new food processor and although my little guy is still hanging in there, I have been shredding cheese by hand on a little $3 manual metal grater.

But this morning I was looking through some of my draft files and saw I had originally put some of my research into a draft post for the Cuisinart - I was going to post it after I purchased it and let people know what I thought.  Since I never was able to buy one, the post got lost in the 'draft files' and never saw the light of day.

But guess what happened this morning?  I was going through the drafts, saw it, clicked on the product link I had to Amazon, and this morning I see the price for the silver colored version is down to $145.00!  Granted - Amazon prices change constantly - and can even change in the time you take between viewing it and putting it in your basket.  But for right now, this very morning, it's $145 - down from $199 AND offering free shipping.

I honestly don't have $145 right now or I would have clicked to add it to my cart; but I DID add it to my wish list and I decided to let my readers know the price dropped.  Here is my original 'draft file' of the product from a couple months ago when I was doing research for my own personal decision making.

Source of review:  www.cooksillustrated.com/equipment_reviews/1649-food-processors

Food Processors
Published January 2016

Cuisinart Custom 14 Food Processor
Update: February 2016

Our winning food processor by Cuisinart has a new model number, DFP-14BCNY, and a newly redesigned S-shaped chopping blade. As we noted earlier, we found that the older blade sometimes cracked under heavy usage. (In the new blade, the metal arms are built into the plastic housing; the older blade was fastened on with metal bolts, where cracking began if the blade was under stress.) We have tried the new blade and still highly recommend this food processor. The manufacturer's list price has also increased to $199.

How We Tested

Here in the test kitchen, we demand a food processor that can handle lots of chopping, slicing, and shredding while delivering professional quality results, and we think home cooks deserve the same. It had better be able to not only puree a dip and whip up creamy mayonnaise but also cut fat into a pie crust in seconds, grind beef into hamburger, and knead heavy pizza dough. And of course we want our food processor to be simple to use and quick to clean, or why would we ever bother hauling it out?


Here is another review I found and saved while I was researching machines.

With a powerful, quiet motor; responsive pulsing action; sharp blades; and a simple, pared-down-to-basics design, our old favorite aced every test, surprising us time and again by outshining pricier, more feature-filled competitors. It was one of the few models that didn’t leak at its maximum stated liquid capacity. It’s also easy to clean and store, because it comes with just a chopping blade and two disks for shredding and slicing. Additional blade options are available à la carte.

NOTE: We recently noticed that after 18 months of heavy use in the test kitchen and constant exposure to our powerful commercial dishwasher, most of the S-shaped chopping blades from our winning Cuisinart Custom 14 food processors either showed hairline cracks or had small pieces of metal broken off. Cuisinart has created a new S-blade for this model, and all new machines are now equipped with the new blade. If you own the older S-blade, we recommend checking it every time you use it; this would also be a good practice with the chopping blade of any food processor. Check back for the most up-to-date information on this model; if you need to replace your chopping blade, please contact Cuisinart directly at customerservice@cuisinart.com (1-800-726-0190).

Suggested retail:  $199.99

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