October 31, 2016

Great recipes and links in it for Halloween!

Our family room was decorated every year by my teenage son
In honor of the holiday today (Halloween) - This is a repost from 2014 - but has some great recipes and links in it for Halloween!

By the time the kids were preschoolers we had cute little pumpkin window clings and little adorable witches and pumpkins hanging on the fridge.  Little bat cookies soon followed and with the next few years, as the kids got more vocal about decorations... it grew.

By the time my kids were 18, 17 and 13, our Halloween decorations had expanded to pretty much the entire main level of our home from the spiderweb encased front porch to the bloody background graveyard above  our fireplace mantel.  We had flying bats, electronic rats, flying ghosts and fake blood splattered walls with HELP ME written on them by some poor soul.  My son had a BLAST decorating.

We even covered our every day artwork with vampire and ghost inspired art as well as running a smoke and bubble machine!

Yes... our house became a Halloween house - complete with Halloween inspired FOOD.

However, my "Halloween Loving Child" is now a 22 year old guy living on his own about 1,000 miles away... my days of creepy Halloween decorating are over and I'm back to being able to decorate with a pretty little pumpkin, a harvest theme, or cornucopia.  No bloody finger cakes as I don't have a house full of teenagers to appreciate it.  Or eat it all!

Our annual Red Velvet Bloody Finger Cake

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However,  in keeping with the holiday spirit, I started to search for Halloween themed baking pans this morning on Amazon.

I had seen the coolest idea to use a skull cake pan to make not cake, but to homemade pizza calzones.  The bread pressed into the pans with a red pizza sauce and pepperoni filling oozing from it's skull was brilliant!  And it got me thinking about how I wanted to buy a skull pan and ship it to my son... who loves to cook in his apartment and I knew would find skull pizzas an awesome fun idea.



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Or cupcake liners!

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