My Traditional Thanksgiving Menu - and why I won't be 'improving' 'changing' or 'adding' crazy ingredients to classic favorites!


It's the weekend before Thanksgiving.  The last weekend to hop out to the stores to pick up the ingredients or items for your Thanksgiving Day celebration!  (I also put a link to Amazon's Thanksgiving specials at the top of this post if you are more inclined to do your 'shopping' online!).

Not only do I love and look forward to certain traditions of all sorts in our family; now that my kids are all older they've told me numerous times how important all the traditions have been to *them* over the years.  And my kids are continuing some of those traditions with their own families now that at least one of them is old enough to 'leave the nest' and start her own family.  Although I like to add a new or different food to the mix or throw in a new, fun craft, activity or something-or-other; the kids have always made sure we still do the traditions they love too and the years I've left something small out, thinking it wouldn't be missed that year - oh it was!

Kids love traditions!  Kids look forward to those traditions and build life long memories from them. I know I have childhood and teen memories involving certain foods I knew I could count on to be served at certain holidays and my kids, even as young adults will still randomly text me before an event or holiday to make sure I'm making "such-and-such" items!  "Just making sure!" they would follow up with.

Many magazines and online sites are touting how to
'change', 'improve' or 'update' your classic dishes.
If you are changing them... they aren't really classic anymore.
You've made something different.

Many magazines and online sites are touting how to 'change', 'improve' or 'update' your classic dishes.  
If you are changing them... they aren't really classic anymore.
You've made something different and new.
And there is also a good chance you are going to disappoint all the people looking forward to that classic pumpkin pie.  That classic roasted turkey.  Those classic mashed potatoes and oh, that classic stuffing!!!

In our home, our kids know and appreciate the fact our stuffing isn't going to have cranberries or currents in it.
Our turkey is going to be slow roasted with sage and perhaps thyme, salt and pepper but isn't going to be citrus flavored or maple washed.  They start to crave their own personal 'favorites' at least a month or two before the holiday and can't wait for that first bite of their favorite food item they've been looking forward to.
Our traditional Thanksgiving Menu changes each year in which varieties or number of pies I make that year, the Thanksgiving Cupcakes may or may not find their way to the table, cranberry sauce is a hit or miss as only I really like it, or I may decide to add an item to the menu but I've found over the past 28 years of marriage, growing our kids and cooking for us, extended family and often, additional friends; that no one wants to find their personal item 'missing' from the menu so there are certain foods my extended family can count on.

Our classic menu for 2016:

Roasted Turkey
Classic Stuffing
Mashed Potatoes
Cheesy Corn
Green Bean Casserole
Pumpkin Pie
Pumpkin Chiffon Pie
Pecan Pie


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