October 11, 2017

How to stop guacamole from going brown? Freeze it!

Avocados can go from unripe and hard to 'over' ripe and stringy in just a couple days.  You have to use them at the height of their quality or often have to toss them in the trash.  When you have a few to use up before they turn, or you just want to have guacamole on hand for a future meal; make it and freeze it!

We almost always have guacamole on hand and frozen in the deep freezer because it's a favorite food of ours.  However, they do tend to disappear when our college-aged daughter comes home for a weekend and 'grocery shops' our food pantry and refrigerator!  (Ha!)

Simply make your favorite recipe for guacamole, or just chop and mash it with a bit of lime juice and a dash of salt and put it into a tightly sealed container with a lid; packed  up to the top if you can to allow for less air - but because it freezes fairly fast, it isn't likely to brown before it's frozen anyway.

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