October 07, 2017

My Grandmother's Recipe Box... a new series on An American Housewife

I have a new and special-to-me series coming to An American Housewife that I'm really excited about because it's so personal to me.

In February, my Grandmother passed away.  If cooking and baking have any genetic based factors at all, then this is who I got my love of cooking from.  

The best cream puffs I've ever had in my life were made by my Aunt (with Muscular Dystrophy) with her Moms (my Grandmothers) recipe.  I've never known anyone who can make them as perfectly, so light, so fluffy and so big as my Aunt D can.  Of course these days she lives in care facility full time as she's been wheel chair bound for years and hasn't much muscle tone left.  But that cream puff recipe is the same recipe I've used forever - since I was a newlywed.

As Grandma moved, she would slowly but surely downsize.  By the time she was moving to an apartment I was excited to receive boxes of cookbooks from her!  So many old 'church' cookbooks from around Minnesota and South Dakota.  Old "Your Neighbor Lady" booklets, Wilton baking and decorating books and more.  But what I loved most of all was just about 10 years ago when Grandma downsized and went to a very small one bedroom apartment, I was given her old gray, metal recipe box. 

In this box are handwritten recipe cards so old they are falling apart.  Mostly from the early 1940's when she was on the verge of marrying my Grandfather; they are so faded and ripped and obviously dearly loved and used often, they are hard to read. 

This week I was thumbing through some of them, trying to read what was on them and lamenting the fact that some of information is now gone forever and the cards will continue to disintegrate, I realized I needed to either scan them or take a photo of them and start to 'save' them on my website!  That's exactly what I started my website for over a decade ago was to save and collect recipes for my personal use.  The website may have grown to have approximately 1.4 million views, with recipes, product reviews and more but it's primarily used as my own personal 'collection' so I can find them quickly and easily.  And my grandmother's recipes deserve to be saved... and cherished. 

As I photograph and copy my Grandmother's collected recipes, I hope perhaps my readers may see an old recipe that their great-grandmother or grandmother made.  Many of these come from very good friends of my Grandma; women she considered very close friends and neighbors.  Often they were raising children together and would meet for morning coffee - always enjoying "something sweet" with their coffee and trading recipes back and forth.  I love these to pieces... almost literally in some cases!  And hope you will too.

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