Product Review: Large Canvas Print by Artsy Couture

I received this product as a gift to review in return for my honest opinion of their product.

About two weeks ago I went online to do a search for companies to print a large, good quality but affordable canvas photo print.  We have one currently up on the wall but it's from... 2008!  It was an image we had taken by a professional photographer and even in 2008, cost hundreds of dollars.  It was time to update it but I did not have a professional image, nor hundreds of dollars in the budget.

I spent two days researching companies and products online. I wanted a good quality product, somewhat comparable to the professionally printed canvas wall decor we were updating and replacing, but I did not have the budget to pay that much this time around.

I needed to find a great product at a fair and affordable price.

In those two days of researching about 12 different companies, I grew overwhelmed with information and notes but in the end, I did not find a company I felt I wanted to use so I decided to put it "on the back burner" for a couple days.

And this is where the neat twist comes in this story.

That very next day I got an email from a company asking me if I would like to review one of their products for free in return for my honest opinion and a review.  

Now, I get product review requests often but I don't accept many due to lack of time, not a good fit for me or my family, etc. but when I researched this company I saw they made (among other things) - canvas prints! Just what I had been researching - but I hadn't known about this company so I never researched it. When I did - Wow!  EXACTLY what I had been looking for and more.  Not only quality products at great prices but their primary customer base are professional photographers so I knew the quality would be good.

The company is Artsy Couture

About Artsy Couture  The company was started by two professional photographers with the patent Gallery Blocks (now their Professional Print Wraps) in a two-car garage. Now, they've grown a whole team working together to provide quality products, great customer service; and they operate out of two different production facilities.

This company is primarily used by professional photographers using the ROES ordering system but they also offer ordering using their website so anyone can purchase.

Time to update! The image on the left is a professional print we had done in 2008.

Use a high quality photo image

Our original 2008 canvas was a professional photograph.  This time, I had a picture I took myself, of our family at the beach.  To take it, I set up my camera on the stair of the beach house rental, set the timer and took some photos.  At the time I didn't think I'd be enlarging any prints bigger than 8X10 so I wasn't concerned about the quality setting on the camera.  It was set fairly low to save space on the memory card. In hindsight I wish I had set it for 'high' quality because I loved the pictures we got.  And I ended up wanting to enlarge one big enough for a new canvas print for the wall.

This is important for this review because I want my readers to realize I'm reviewing the quality of the canvas wrap but the original image used was not professionally taken nor was it good quality. This company did a great job in spite of the less-than-stellar image I gave them to start with.

To cut to the chase - This company exceeded my quality expectations.  It is not only comparable to the professional and expensive canvas print we had made in 2008, but in a couple ways it surpassed it.

The Canvas Wrap Wall Decor (comes in a variety of sizes; see their website for a full listing)
  • A solid wood base creates a very durable, no-sag surface.
  • They are the tightest, cleanest canvas corners in the industry
  • Canvas is finished with a thick, black backing that comes standard with hanging hardware and wall bumpers. Your canvas comes ready to hang
  • UV-free protective coating allows the product to be wiped clean with a damp cloth

    The packaging was very basic and I wondered how the product would come out of the box.... would it be damaged?

    I need not worry!  First off it's completely bubble wrapped for cushion and safety! Inside, it's completely encased in heavy duty plastic.

    The. Corners.  The tightest, smoothest, best quality corners I've seen on any canvas wall hanging. Very durable, pretty and tight.

    A closeup of the pattern of the heavy canvas used and the UV free protective coating; which means you can damp cloth wipe it clean.

    Quality hanging hardware! Right into the sturdy, wood frame so the large wall hangings will not rip, bend or fall

    Comes with rubber bumpers for the bottom corners - not only protects the walls but helps your image stay in place and straight.

    I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Artsy Couture to my readers; especially professional photographers or those wanting professional quality products.  Please visit their website to learn more about their full line of products:

    Canvas wraps and Print Wraps
    Professional Photo Prints
    Custom Cards
    Custom Presentation Boxes
    Lustre Prints
    Custom USB Drives
    Gallery Stands
    Photo Cubes
    Print Wrap sets
    Photo Albums and Photo Books

    Thank You Artsy Couture for allowing me to learn about your company and your product line!

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