October 31, 2017

Product Review Time! My Perfect Goatee - The perfect goatee every time

I was given this product to try and review by www.myperfectgoatee.com. The opinions are my own and the people I had help me test the product.


Today's product review is the My Perfect Goatee and according to the history on their website, was born out of a personal need to maintain a straight, even and professional goatee. The inventor began looking for a product like this while in college, but could not find anything already produced to solve this issue.  After looking for over ten years for a product that fit his need, he decided to invent MyPerfectGoatee.

MyPerfectGoatee’s first design was made with modeling clay and Popsicle sticks but after making and testing prototype after prototype,  the MyPerfectGoatee product today is made from ABS plastics, using an injection molded process.  A far-cry from Popsicle sticks and modeling clay!

"My Perfect Goatee eliminates crooked goatees and 
the occasional shaving mishaps that lead to the 
necessity of having to shave off the whole goatee. 
Men no longer have to shave their goatee free hand 
and worry that it will be crooked."

Apparently, growing, grooming and perfecting the style of your goatee is an art.


The MyPerfectGoatee can use any type of razor. It can be used with shaving cream and razor, or with electric razor.  It has a mouthpiece for holding between the teeth for stability while shaving and is adjustable at the top, middle, and bottom to get the perfect size and shape.

  • A shaving template designed to shape and form your goatee
  • Saves time by allowing precise shaving of your desired goatee shape every day.
  • Creates & maintains a perfectly shaped goatee.
  • Eliminates crooked goatees and those occasional shaving mishaps.
  • Adjustable template to fit most size faces and different goatee style.
The trial

This past weekend I had a chance to give the MyPerfectGoatee to a guy who was willing to help me out with this product review.  He had never seen the product before and the only thing he knew about it was that he was to use it as directed and give me his honest thoughts.

He laughed when he got it and his first reaction was, "It's kind of weird..."   But he was willing to be a guinea pig for me and....  it worked great!

No guesswork, no uneven lines.  The results are immediate and after trying it he determined it was easy, he liked it and "yes" he would use it!  

This is one of those products I think you don't know you need it until you try it.  For me, as a female whose husband doesn't sport facial hair, I didn't even know products like this existed.  After researching this product, I now know templates and tools of all sorts exist to help guys shape their beards.  I had no idea...

The My Perfect Goatee is available in many places, including Walmart and Amazon as well as on www.myperfectgoatee.com where they offer free shipping in the USA;  Canada and Mexico $5.99 and worldwide for $9.99.


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