December 29, 2017

Product Review: Beautiful and good quality magnets - either for business, personal or weddings (like Save the Date magnets)

In November I was contacted to see if I was interested in reviewing a product for Payless Magnets.  My initial thought was to get a sample magnet to review of our family with a calendar on it we could then order more of to send out with our Christmas cards this year (idea number one for you!) but due to the time frame, my cards would be going out long before I could see a sample and order the amount I needed.

However, I was still excited to see the magnets and review for print quality, thickness, color and detail for future needs.

About the company:  
Payless Magnets designs, prints and manufactures quality, custom printed magnets and are located in Florida.  They've been in business since 2001 and from artwork design, to printing and manufacturing, they produce their magnets from start to finish and do not outsource.
They offer magnets in the usual shapes (rectangle, circle, square, etc.) but also have shapes to fit certain businesses like corn, tractors, palm trees, etc.  They also do business card magnets, save the date magnets for engagements, wedding announcements and more.  As a matter of fact they offer completely customized magnets so you decide everything about the product. 

A screenshot of their site showing the magnet options

Because I didn't have a specific need in mind I sent them 3 random photos.  They emailed me back to let me know one of the images was too low a resolution to make a good print so they would not use it, but instead use another one of my photos that had a large enough resolution to print without compromising the print quality.

When I received the magnet in the mail I saw they used a photo I randomly chose of one of my daughters, when she and I were hiking.  The magnets are fabulous quality!  Not only the color and print quality, but the thickness of magnet is perfect.

Some magnets (you may have received one from a retailer, real estate agent, local restaurant, etc.) are so thin they don't stay in place, slip or the edges curl up.  These are not those magnets.  They are thick enough to hold their shape and stay in place!

Although my photos can't possibly do the image justice, the crispness, clarity, color and quality of print is absolutely lovely.  The detail is so crisp and the colors are vibrant.

In the end, I am happy to save Payless Magnets to my bookmarks to use in the future myself but I also have no qualms about telling my readers about them.  My sample product quality is top notch and I'd be proud to send them out to family and friends with no hesitation.

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